Experience riveting gameplay via ear. Estimated runtime 13m-∞

Made for Sylvie's Jam #1

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Survival
TagsAudio, cat, Experimental, Exploration, Fangame, Monsters, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, One button, Blind friendly


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This is so great!! Very "imagine the character".

I love the improvisational vibes of the story, feels like when i would make up stories for a kid while babysitting, or when my parents would do that for me


Imagine the character is cool. I remember showing the game it was based on ("What is a video game?") to my mum a while ago because I thought its like example gallery approach would be insightful as she doesn't have much experience with games aside from the monthly news broadcast about how Fortnite is big with the kids or whatever it is, also thought there was some humor to be mined there. I remember she had an strong adverse reaction to it with questions such as "what is the goal/point?" being brought up quite frequently before and after I could get to explaining it. Which felt a bit odd as she didn't really have any horse in the race so to speak. Somewhat similar case with a private game I made a year ago (I think before having played "What is a video game?") adapted from a dream called "■" which throws a 600px black square in the middle of your screen and then plays the entirety of Dean Blunt's fantastic record "Black Metal" and closes itself after all the songs play out. The goal of the game is to listen to as much of the record as you can but this was hard to conceptualize as well. What are the essential elements of a vidgame to someone who hasn't played any?  I think about these two interactions often but still don't really know what to take away from them, lol. Anyways this one was made mostly because I thought the idea of a gameplay loop being expressed by a literal loop of audio you listen to until you get bored of it was funny. Thanks for playing.


hell yeah


"video game boats are broken by default" - a very profound realization


it was fun to imagine the game that the audiobook was adapted from!

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almost got me into wow subtleties of pronunciation, but no! its not gameplay. also like about 'audio game' but again surely moreso the anyway piece and piecing together qualities!or what  still many angles, but yea no! anyway you made the thing its good


Thanks for the numerous words.